Talk Your Damaged Hair

Talk Your Damaged Hair

Have you ever asked yourself when looking in the mirror passing your fingers through your hair, why does it feel dull? Or notice a trend-setting theme of split ends dancing on your head? Hair married to your scalp but having strand entanglements? Yeah, I've been there, that sucks right? 

I use to think I was unlucky and there was no possibility that I'd get out of the ugly duckling zone in my family. Until I began educating myself about hair, noticing so many different store brands and products that just didn't settle for me.

At first, I was ignorant and believed the products were no good but then I learned there was such a thing as hair types by number. Like what? Why are hair types/numbers a thing? Nevertheless, I figured out my hair type and discovered  I was a 3c.  Not to go into tangents, I confirmed just like my body, my hair was lacking nutrients. Eventually, it proved, that the products were good but didn't qualify for what my hair was in need of.  

Damaged hair can be defined as dry, brittle, and split ends. Using products that have alcohol in them can abuse your scalp because it induces inflammation, and dehydrates hair. So if you have been wondering why you find so many hair strands falling out all over the place, you have been warned using alcohol-related products will not help!

Here are facts I learned about my hair type:  

3C is a hair type known for tight curls with a lot of hair volume, characterized as thick and full. On wet hair it tends to shrink a lot, often appearing shorter than it is. They say 3C is a subtype of 3. I learned to use products that are specifically for me, like conditioners without harsh chemicals, hair growth oils that nourish and provide shine like Gazing Green Hair Elixir, and leave-in conditioners that will hydrate my hair. It is important to maintain nourishment because this type of hair tends to be dry and easily brittle.

Our hair requires a lot of tender loving care. One key ingredient is Castor oil because of its moisturizing benefit, lucky enough I found there is Castor oil included among all other ingredients within Gazing Green Hair Elixir. Do keep in mind there are other hair care routines or regimens that you can follow in addition to utilizing a hair growth oil such as preventing too much heat and combing the hair often- keeping things tangled free.  


If you are here it's because you are running in circles trying to figure out, what is your hair type. How is that even determined? 



  1. Straight: 1a-c has more sheen 
  2. Wavy: 2a-c prone to frizz 
  3. Curly: 3a-c voluminous 
  4. Coily: 4a-c fragile and fewer cuticle layers 


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